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Private dining and events in Milwaukee o
Barnacle Buds Outdoor dining in Milwauke



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2021 is our 29th            year!
As we are still mainly serving outdoors only we have a Mask optional policy
We are barnacle bud's -not skipper bud's -
we are 2 different businesses that share much of the same space.
skipper bud's parking requires a permit. those vehicles without a permit that park in those spots will be towed - not by us, but by them. 
we do not 
we do not quote wait times over the phone
as they can vary from call to when you show up
Dogs are
not allowed on
restaurant patio or at the bar, sorry.

Oysters - BBQ - Drinks - Waterfront Dining

no reservations - no pets


Official  Party Poopers

We  are SO sorry,  but we have to take a pass on parties this year. We are too busy (coming out of the pandemic restrictions) to accommodate the business we have been seeing and to try and fit in parties on top of that.
The space that we would use for parties has now been utilized for guests waiting for tables for the restaurant. 
We hope to revisit parties in 2022


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Summer party on the patio at Barnacle Buds private events
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Complaint Department: Complaints are taken 6th Saturday of every month. 

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