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We are barnacle bud's -not skipper bud's -
we are 2 different businesses that share much of the same space.
skipper bud's parking requires a permit. those vehicles without a permit that park in those spots will be towed - not by us, but by them. 
outdoor lake front riverfront dining milwaukee
2017-07-26 01.19.06
Summer party on the patio at Barnacle Buds private events
2017-07-28 14.33.17
Barnacle Buds Milwaukee Wisconsin_edited
milwaukee outdoor summer bar
bachelorette parties milwaukee
2017-07-28 14.33.15
2017-07-28 14.33.20

Oysters - BBQ - Drinks - Waterfront Dining

no reservations - no pets

Three second tour


Complaint Department: Complaints are taken 6th Saturday of every month. 

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