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Stylish gambling abroad

Where can you gamble stylishly abroad? As a Dutchman abroad, we can enjoy a truly stylish casino experience once in a while. Because in many places around the world, the elite don't let themselves be chased away, and sometimes even do their best to keep the common man out. So we explored some gambling opportunities where you can join the rich and famous for a while.

In our examples, by the way, we avoided the big casino resorts in Las Vegas and Macau. Not that it is not luxurious there, but the appearance is sometimes very kitschy and doll-like. So this time we're looking a little more at understated, classic chic. Gonna shine again another time.

Gambling abroad? To Ascot

stylish gambling abroad. At Ascot, for exampleThe English Queen Elizabeth cashed several tens of thousands of pounds again last month at the royal horse races at Ascot. Not so much by betting herself at the bookmakers, although the British Royals seem to love that too.

But rather because there are always some horses from the royal stables participating in the races, and even winning on a regular basis. This was the case again last month. Created at the beginning of the 18th century by the then Queen Anne, the races have been synonymous for centuries with stylish gambling abroad.

Men in tailcoats and stylishly dressed women in heels and hats sipped champagne there amid the bookies with their chalkboards.

At least that's how it was, because here, too, leveling is striking. You still have to go there well-dressed but in recent years the atmosphere seems to have become more "rowdy", especially later in the evening. Also, the beer has been running harder than the champagne for ages. But still, it remains a must for stylish gambling abroad.

Stylishly to the casino in Monte Carlo

Monaco is another fun travel destination if you want to gamble stylishly abroad. The little city-state on the Côte d'Azur is too small to make or grow anything of its own to make your money. And so the Monegasques, led by their royal Grimaldi family, have traditionally bet on banking and entertainment for the very rich. Who then also massively own a condo and possibly a yacht in Monaco.

Because of this need for a casino, the particularly luxurious Casino de Monte-Carlo was opened in 1863. The Grimaldi's invested in it and a German casino operator. But also the bishop of Monaco who would later go on to become Pope. The end result is an opulently beautiful casino where you can still gamble stylishly abroad even in 2019.

The Kurhaus Baden-Baden Casino in Germany

For real, classic luxury, you can also go to Germany, of course. There you can gamble at a high level at the Kurhaus in Baden-Baden. Built in 1820, it is one of the oldest casinos in the world. And of course, it is not only a casino, but also houses a hotel and a luxurious spa. And that's near the famous forests of the Black Forest.

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