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Do You take reservations?
No we do Not.
We do not quote wait times over the phone either or save tables. We are first come, first serve.

Are you dog friendly?
We are not, while we do love dogs we ask that you do not bring them here and DO NOT keep them in the car while you are here.
Where can we park? 
We have a limited and shared parking lot. There are posts that warn you if you do not have a permit you will be towed. IT IS TRUE. DO NOT PARK WHERE YOU NEED A PERMIT. Those spots are reserved for Skipper Bud's Marina Members. Parking is along the fence by the river. And behind the free standing building in the lot. The free standing building in the lot is available to park along on weekday Nights and weekends. 
Do you have boat parking?
We wish we had more! It is very limited as most of it belongs to Skipper Bud's. spots may come available towards the vry end, by St> Mary's Cement location by the bridge
Are you open year round? 
We are not. We are seasonal with hours that fluctuate at the beginning and end of the season. That season is basically March through October (weather depending we may extend into November. We try and keep social media and website posted regularly with the changes. We can not guarantee being open during inclement or dangerous weather, or circumstances that are beyond our control.
Can we have a private party there? 
We are unable to do private parties during peak season - June - August and also on or around holidays (Memorial Day and Labor Day). This limits us to May, September, October and November. Sometimes if we are able to we might be able to accommodate a party during weekdays. Basically there are many variables we have to consider and first and foremost our commitment is to the sanctity of the restaurant. 



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